Sunday, September 19, 2010

First Day at St. Marys

I really enjoyed my first day at St. Mary's and am very excited to go back again! Being around kids is so refreshing. Getting involved in games with them and exploring their imagination is amazing. They have so much energy even at the end of the day. I experienced a game on the playground with a group of children who were "lava fish" with special powers.I was lucky enough to be given some powers from each of them to be able to swim in the "lava" and survive on land. I had a lot of fun even in an unstructured situation. There was no lesson plan, no equipment, and no dictating- just children with imaginations, willingness to be active, and an environment (playground) suitable for them.

This really encouraged me to stick with the PE program. Sometimes I wonder if it is right for me, but being in the setting and with children and finding myself thinking of things to do with them and enjoying my time enforced that this is where I belong. I'm looking forward to next week!

To view the lab write up from lab one click here.

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