Monday, September 13, 2010

Reaction to Chapter 1

When it comes to textbooks, Im usually not a fan. Most are written by people who are brilliant, but cannot express their words in a way that is easy for students to pick up the material they are describing. In Gallahue and Donnelly's Developmental Physical Education for all Children the material is broken down into sections and punctuated by a number of pictures and diagrams. That is the best way that I learn is using a short spurt of reading, and then understanding what I just read with an illustration or diagram.

Within the relm of motor development, there are way more concepts that make up motor development than I thought. There is Preceptual Motor learning-- divided into the spatial and themporal world.

After reviewing the chapter, Im motivated to inspire kids to have a healthy lifestyle. I'm excited to change the childrens way of thinking about physical activity and make it a fun and desirable part of their lives.

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