Thursday, October 21, 2010

Super Lab!

This week was our third week with the kids at St. Mary's. My classmates analyzed two children in their horizontal jumping skills, leaping skills, and sliding skills while John, Dan, and I played Super Hero games with the children. We had a lot of costumes and really creative super heroes. The kids reaction to those who were dressed up was great. They payed more attention to them and showed a lot of interest in what they were saying.

Within my own lesson I believe I made some mistakes while teaching.The students lost focus and when it came to preforming my game, the children were a little wild. My instructions on the boundaries should have been clearer. Also my voice needed to be louder, and I should have given a demonstration with another classmate to further the students understanding. I tried to be calm and regroup the students, but inside I was panicking. Its hard to see kids do things a totally different way than I envisioned it. But, with the changes I've listed I think their attention and understanding would improve. Also I spoke to some of my peers about how the games went, and most encouraged me that my performance wasn't as bad as I thought.

Overall the lab was great. I really enjoyed playing kickball outside with the kids. They were really good! I wasnt taking it easy on them and they got me out a few times. Also the closing group did a great job. Tracys song and Ians dance were awesome. I think some of the college kids enjoyed it more then the St. Mary's students.

Im learning a lot each week. This is a great experience to get us prepared for teaching.

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