Thursday, November 4, 2010

Spooky St. Mary's

Our last lab was the week before Halloween, and naturally we decided to have a Halloween theme!! I remember as a kid loving Halloween and the excitement leading up to it. Our class dressed up in great costumes and I think everyone had a lot of fun. I dressed up as a hippy with ripped jeans and a tie dyed T-shirt. We had some really great costumes and even better responses from the kids.

My group was working with Pre-K this week. Working with the younger kids was a bit more unorganized than our past labs. Depending on the weather they are inside or outside, and always include snack time in the time we have with them.We don't really get to do much fitness with them aside from running around on the playground. I decided to do a craft with the kids. Prior to lab I bought paper plates and cut two eyes, a nose, and a mouth into each one to make a jack-o-lantern face for the kids. Every one was different and unique. I brought them in and after our time on the playground we all sat in their classroom and colored our jack-o-lantern masks. Dan also brought in a bunch of coloring sheets of scarecrows, bats, pumpkins and more. The kids really seemed to enjoy this activity. One little girl actually made one for me which I have hanging in my room. Sitting and coloring and talking with the kids in a quiet environment was a great change of pace. Although we didnt get much moving in, we worked on their fine motor skills, and got to bond with the children on a deeper level than just teaching a game in the gym.

The gym group was asked to design games that help us watch the kids pass and catch a ball and record their skill level. The kids seemed to enjoy the games and didnt even notice that we were watching to see their skills. To check list of the young boy and girl we took notes on click here.

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