Sunday, December 5, 2010

St. May's Comes to an End

We had our last lab at St. Mary's which was Christmas Themed!! Everyone participated in one way or another with costumes. The school was warm and cozy and kids were excited for the holiday season. This week I was the Closing group. Within the group I had the responsibility of interviewing our class about their experiences throughout or semester at St. Marys. I really enjoyed hearing from everyone.

Most of the memorable moments for our 201 lab group was seeing the St. Marys students have fun. A common theme amongst our class was that they felt sucessful and happy when they saw the students smile and have fun. When they had games that worked well and were enjoyable, they remembered those experiences.

Among our class we also learned through difficult situations. Mostly everyone I spoke to said they were surprised at how hard it was to gain control of the class, and then keep their attention while explaining a game or activity. Another big point a few people made was that they were surprised at how much you had to project your voice to gain attention and be heard by everyone. In the beginning most felt like they were shouting, but as time went on it became natural to talk at that level when getting the kids attention.

One more diffcult but very valuable thing to learn is how to improvize. When a game doesn't go as planned or things must be modified to be good for the grade group or kind of kids we are working with, things get a little crazy. Personally Ive noticed that since the first lab people improved in their way of dealing with this situation.

I am so proud of all of our classmates, our lab assistants, and Dr. Yang. I think we brought a positive influence to St. Mary's and we all learned a lot about ourselves, others, and the P.E. world. I'm thankfuls for all my classmates and the students who have inspired me.

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