Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving Madness

One thing I will take away from this lab experience is that things never will go as planned. I am learning to be okay with that. When you think you have a great game and set up, be ready to change it. I used a few games for soccer dribbling and basketball dribbling but when we got to the gym we had a quarter of it to work with. Also there were only about 6 kids who were interested in a mini soccer game. My plan didn't go well, but I ended up bringing the kids into a 3 v. 3 game where when possession changed they had to bring the ball back (like half court basketball).  The kids were good! They were very good at dribbling, passing and shooting. The game got pretty intense. Kevin and I joined in with the kids as well. They had better skills than I did! We did have an injury but later in the class the boy came back and kept playing.

It was a chaotic day but taught me a lot and I had fun.

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